Company Quality Policy

The main quality objective of Calchem Industries Ltd. is development and manufacture of Precipitated ( coated and uncoated ) grades meeting market demand of modern, highly effective, safe quality products .

Calchem Industries Ltd. undertakes to:

  • Achieve Customer satisfaction with Company products.
  • Study latest scientific and technological developments and continuously master prospective / modernize existing technologies and introduce advanced methods of analytic control of products.
  • Conforming with ISO 9001 , 14001 , 18001 and 22000 standards .
  • Development and maintenance of quality management system and use of best practices.
  • Ensure that effective quality management system is based on individual and cooperative responsibility for product quality .
  • Ensure permanent proficiency level upgrade of company personnel.
  • Create management mechanism aimed at optimum utilization of creativity, abilities, knowledge, expertise and skills of all level employees.
  • Develop personal interested involvement and responsibility for manufacture of a high quality product .
  • Render services of new product development, quality control and manufacture on the basis of detailed and effectively monitored quality management system.

Quality policy implementation is based on continuous improvement of operation of every company division, efficient internal audit, conscientious pursuit of professional growth by employees, understanding of corporate responsibility before the society as the Company’s few product has direct impact on populace’s life and health.

Calchem management is committed to implement and follow the Quality Policy.


Quality Assurance & Application Services

Right from 2007 , pursuant to the decision of company management a Quality Management System (QMS) was developed, formalized and implemented. The QMS is currently being maintained and continuously improved in conformity with ISO 9001:2000

Company QMS is based on the following underlying principles:

  • Customer orientation.
  • Management leadership.
  • Employees involvement.
  • Professional approach.
  • Systematic approach to management.
  • Continuous improvement.
  • Decision making based on factual data.
  • Mutually advantageous relations with suppliers.

QMS scope:

  • manufacture of Precipitated calcium carbonate ( both uncoated and coated grades )
  • Main QMS processes:
  • Documents and records management.
  • Management responsibility.
  • Resources management.
  • Measurement, analysis and improvement.

The above processes are headed by appointed responsible persons. Processes effectiveness criteria have been developed.

Quality Management Representative controls and evaluates effectiveness of QMS and measures aimed at its further perfection, monitors progress, takes corrective and preventive steps and otherwise ensures QMS continuous improvement.


Quality Control Centre

The Quality Control Centre (QCC) is one of the paramount elements of the company’s structure, and it was set up concurrently with Company foundation. Quality control and product sampling is done by highly qualified specialists making use of appropriate equipment and in strict conformity with approved standards of operational procedures. Test results are duly documented.


QCC tests incoming raw material , packaging materials, intermediary and finished products in accordance with the authorised specifications and valid methods of quality control in accredited chemical and microbiological laboratories.

Production is using only the incoming materials and packing materials being approved by quality control and received permit to use. During production, major parameters of technological process and both intermediary and finished product characteristics are monitored.

The finished product is only allowed for realization upon written confirmation by a duly authorized person that each batch was manufactured and underwent control in compliance with registration documents, industrial regulations and other regulatory documentation.

QCC laboratories are equipped with up-to-date measurement and physico-chemical analysis equipment as per the requirement of the customers .


QCC has long-established cooperation with renowned academic, industrial and educational institutions in and around Mumbai and a counter check is employed to conform our internal analysis result vis-a-vis external analysis results in order to validate our internal analysis credential .